Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fairy Tale Picnic 2012 - Anne Bonny

My friend and fellow costume plotter, Ace threw a fun Fairy Tale picnic at Balboa Park. It was a small but awesome gathering full of Fairy Tale costumes and amazing food. I was hoping to put together a  Lady Captain Hook costume but alas, I never managed to get the hook done. So instead I ditched the hook and went as a fantasy version of Anne Bonny.

The costume is pretty much just pieced together from things I have in the closet. I have come to the conclusion that I have a very unusual closet. The pirate's coat is my husbands so its a titch big. The skirt is from the belly dancing section of the closet, and the corset is one I got from Corset Story on one heck of a sale.

The tricorn hat is from an old pirate costume I wore years ago. It originally was just a felt cavalier style hat. I pinned up the sides and added feathers. 

Balboa Park was a great backdrop for photos. Granted, there wasn't any water for a pirate but eh, I still liked posing around the trees.

Ace donned her troll costume from LoJ to wear. She made a few improvements to the outfit. She also takes great delight in painting herself blue.

My friend Jen, satisfied her current Supernatural obsession and dressed herself up as Castiel.


Castiel went on the hunt for squirrels for some reason. I really love this photo that Ace took.

Ellyn was my favorite of the day. She went as our Fairy Godmother. And she looked perfect for the part!

The rest of the afternoon was filled with fairies, dwarves, witches, fantasy creatures, and royalty. It truly looked magical having all of us prancing around in that lovely setting.

We're hoping to do another fantasy costume gathering soon. Ace's next idea is circling around Gods having Brunch. We'll be looking to scheduling another gathering come spring! If you're in the San Diego Area and want to come play the next round. Please feel free to drop me a line and I'll keep you up to date on the next event!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mickey's Halloween Party!

Photo dump!
Max and I hit Mickey's Halloween Party a few weeks back. I have to admit, it was a great event! We didn't have time to put together amazing costumes so instead we opted for our Steampunk wear. (Though I did make Max a new Aba. He needed one.)
This was the first time I ever went to the park in full costume and it was a fantastic and almost magical experience! Here are a few pics of the two of us all decked out.
Morocco Mole and his lady hit the seas!

We mainly took photos in Adventure land because we matched the decor best there.

HAD to take a photo with The Genie while dressed like this.

Our friends Steve and Sammy wanted in on the photo fun too. Thank you Sammy for taking almost all these photos!

This one is my favorite. In front of Aladdin's Palace

With the flash on. THAT'S what we looked like.

We'll End this post with Morocco in his sweet ride.


Drive Morocco! Drive like the WIND!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Approaches!!

You think I'd be more vocal with Halloween coming up, huh? Well, the truth is I've been so dang swamped with everything that I've haven't had two seconds to stop and take photos of things. Regardless, October is always my busiest sewing month (next to May). I do have lots to show, including a new middle eastern coat I finished. Pics of that to come. Until then, CLOWNS!
I love making costumes for my two nephews! And this year my sister wanted them both to dress as little clowns. They're still at the age where they don't care what they wear and mommy can chose for them. So I was tasked with making two little clown costumes.
This one is for the youngest, Tommie.


My friend and savior Ellyn was nice enough to gift me with a new sewing machine. Well, new to me at least. She had it for a while and has never used it. Apparently she thought it would be in good hands in my studio. Thank you Ellyn! Its a fantastic machine! It also comes with various embroidery stitches I can play with. I did some here on the collar for Tommie's costume.

And here's the costume for my oldest nephew, Danny. I love the yellow polkadot fabric!

Once again, I had fun with my new stitches. I'm a bit addicted to using those settings. I may end up putting decorative top stitching on everything at the rate I'm going.
I'm so excited to see  my nephews in their costumes!
Most of my Halloween efforts were put towards my little guys. So instead of putting together something new for myself, I figured I'd recycle an old costume. Namely this one:

But I'm I'm going to make it Persephone instead of Aphrodite. And hopefully have enough time to fill in little details I want to do. Perhaps like changing out the sash for something else. Eh, I haven't decided yet on that.
Anyways, I started working on the new head piece. Here it is so far.

Its coming along. I've put all the happy blooms on the top then as the headdress goes down, the flowers start to die and decay. Right now its a bit too subtle so I'm going to pump it all up a bit more. I just don't think its reading that well yet.
More shots:

That's all I have done for now. I'm also hoping to put together a very simple, wrap/robe to wear over the chiton, in a black to represent the whole underworld aspect.

So currently I have Mickey's Halloween party, my own Halloween party, and Caid coronation coming up. SO MUCH SEWING!
Stay tuned!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dapper Days at Disneyland!

I return! And with tons of photos! Just this last Friday I participated in Dapper Days at Disneyland. Its a fantastic event where everyone comes dressed in either their vintage finest or just in something fashionable to come play in the park for an evening. And even though my feet are killing me for wearing impractical shoes, I still had a fantastic time!
So prepare yourself! We took a TON of photos of us looking ridiculously dapper, that day! Lets start the show!

I hauled out my Dio de Los Muertos dress for the occasion and switched out my witch's hat for a vintage pill box hat that used to belong to my grandma.  I just told everyone I was dressing as the Haunted Mansion. Unfortunately my favorite ride was closed as the refurbish it for the holidays, but at least I got to stand in front of it for a quick pic!
Two of my elegant lady friends, Ana and Sara posing with me in front of the Mansion. Yes, Sara is wearing a Perry the Platypus dress. It was fantastic!
Jackie, Alison, and Miguel joined us a bit later on. Here's Minnie Mouse looking dapper with all of us.
The Tower of Terror? EEK! So Scaaaary!
...Okay no, not really but the photo is pretty dang cute.

And another pic of us doing the saucy face as we waited for the tram to the park.
This cast member was a great sport. We kinda dragged him into this photo with us over at California Adventure. By the way, the new remodel of DCA is quite amazing! I can't wait to go back and play some more there!
CARS LAND! I'm not a huge fan of Cars but the new Cars Land in DCA is really amazing.
And here are a few other Dappers I managed to snap some photos of.

The first group of Dappers we ran into, just as we got off the tram. They were adorable!

Dapper Peter Pan and Dapper Tiger Lilly. I absolutely adore how they looked!

And these two gentlemen where my favorites of the night. Full out 1970's chic, INCLUDING a vintage grad night button, a vintage shoulder bag, and paper bag from Disneyland circa 1976. Got to love men with an eye for authenticity.

I definitely plan to return for another round of Dapper Days (though I'm not sure if I can make the February date coming up). I am dying to make a Mad Men style dress A'la Joan Holloway with some little Disney accents here and there. The crinoline was starting to get on my nerves and I think A good pencil skirt would show off my curves better.  Already I can't wait!:)

Tah, Darlings!

Monday, July 23, 2012

San Diego Comic Con! Annabelle and Archer!

I usually go to SDCC every year to help out with the SCA table. But this year I actually had time to cosplay!
It wasn't anything too special mind you. Since my summer schedule is usually pure insanity I didn't really put anything new and spectacular together. And the one thing I did put together was a total thrift store find.

The big one was being a part of an Archer Cosplay group. For those who don't know what Archer is, well, here's the website. In a nutshell its a hilarious and raunchy cartoon set in a 1960's-esque spy world. If you're into sharp dialog and some insane cartoon comedy, I highly recommend it.

My friend Sherief has been wanting to do an Archer cosplay group for a while now and asked if I could step in as Mallory Archer, the title character's heavy drinking overbearing mother.

Yup, That's Malory.

And yeah, I only had...let see... about 1.5 days to pull this together. Oh yeah, I learned about the group a while ago but with all the stuff I've been doing? Yeah. 1.5 days. So my cosplay isn't exactly accurate but dang it, I did my best in what time I had!

I am gonna be a sexy broad when I hit 70.

The whole outfit was found at Amvets literally ten minutes before they closed for the day. I took my husband with me who apparently is good luck on thrift runs. Usually, I'd be searching for hours.

 The whole outfit was a whopping $14. Go me! The jewelry is my mothers old jewelry from the late 80's. She gave me a bag of the stuff thinking I would use it eventually in my costuming adventures. She was right!

The flask was a last minute save by a friend. I wanted to bring a highball glass but completely forgot it. Luckily a friend of mine had a flask as part of his steampunk gear and was willing to let me borrow for a while.

Here's the entire group.

Left to Right Character wise: The Wee Baby Shamus, Pam, Cyril, Carol/Cheryl, Ray, Kimiko, Dr. Krieger, Mallory, Sterling, and Brett from I.S.I.S.

Pam, Carol/Cheryl, and Mallory.

We really had fun doing this. And the people who recognized us flipped out when they saw the group. We were even featured on Io9 in one of their cosplay galleries!  The group of us are hoping to do another cosplay next year. Lord only knows what it may be but I'm sure we will be amusing the heck out of ourselves.

On Saturday, there was a big steampunk gathering. I couldn't resist putting on my Annabelle Leigh Langly costume again. I worked my butt off on it so I am getting as much mileage out of it as I can, dang it!

My friend took these great pictures of me all Annabelled up. You can see the mismatched stockings and my work boots finally! YAAAY! And a great side shot of my bustle.
Yeah...I really love wearing my Annabelle costume!

And even though this one is from LoJ and not SDCC, I still wanted to post it because its a great photo. Finding a photo of me NOT looking like a complete doof is hard to find sometimes!

Photo by The Frame Guy.

And thus, my crazy costuming summer comes to a close. It was an adventure to say the least! Right now its all about studio clean up time and SCA garb planning.

 I'm hoping to delve more into the world of Italian Ren and Persian goodness. I also finally have all the pieces I need to work on my Victorian walking dress!  But for now, a good rest is what I'm looking forward to.