Friday, June 24, 2011

Tales of Costumes PAAAAST!: Fire Phoenix

All this talk and prep for Labyrinth of Jareth had me thinking about older costumes I made for the event. LoJ is definitely one of my all time favorite parties to attend. Mainly because it gives me an opportunity to go a bit wild on some fantasty designs. Don't get me wrong, I love historical costumes! But sometimes I really need to go back to my roots and so something fantasy based.
Yes, I am a nerd.
I'm sure this was automatically established with the fact that I have a costume blog.

Anyways, I had a ton of different costumes I wore to LoJ; A Greek Nymph, the female version of Bacchus, a very thrown together steampunk fairy... But honestly, the fire phoenix is still my favorite.
This was back in the day when I was brave enough to expose my gushy belly to the world. Yes folks! Bask in the moon tan! Bask in it!
Okay, its not that bad but I am a pretty pale lass.

My two girlfriends Jennifer and Stephanie decided to team up for this even and go as a themed group. We started with the idea of the elements; fire, water, and earth. We had to leave air out since we lacked a fourth person. I chose fire mainly because my hair is red. Seemed like the natural choice! Jen chose water and Steph went with earth because of her vast collection of antlers...I kid you not.
The elements idea ended up evolving a bit more into mythical animals. I wanted wings. I knew that much. So I decided to turn my fire costume into a phoenix themed costume. The wings were fun to make. I just cut the base out of craft foam then covered the whole thing with red, yellow, and orange feathers. I wish I had a picture of the back of the wings because I had a large mass of ribbons, beads, and sequins all trailing down bellow them which I thought looked pretty spiff.
I went with a sudo Indian/belly dancer style for the look. The top came from a simplicity pattern I slightly modified. I managed to make the top self supporting. And trust me, for a big bosomed gal like me? That isn't easy to do. But I did it!  The wings were fixed directly onto the shirt since they were so light. The skirt was built from overlapping panels that were cut to be shaped like flames. And the hair clips are a combo of  painted craft foam, feathers, and ribbons.

Here's a picture of the three of us all together.

I really loved how all three of us turned out that night. I'd also like to point out that Steph did our face painting that night which turned out excellent.
Overall? A fun time!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Debbie Reynold's Movie Costume Collection Auction

Once again, the TLo blog blows me away with another awesome costume article. This one on the vast collection of golden age movie costumes of Debbie Reynolds. The collection is BREATH TAKING! Apparently Ms. Reynolds' was wanting to open a museum of movie costumes for her collection but it never came to be....okay that is a bummer, because I would have been first in line to see that museum!
Alas, the auction is over so I wasn't able to spend my bazillion dollars on the My Fair Lady Ascot Grove dress. But the catalog is available to download for free as a  PDF here which I believe is just as nice.

You can also check out T-Lo's blog entry here and see the catalog as well. If you're a movie costume nut as much as I am, its definitely a fun look!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Middle Eastern Coat and Aphrodite Headdress.

I hit an SCA tourney last weekend all decked out in my middle eastern garb. And it was actually cold enough that I could wear my Persian coat I made for Estrella.

Here it is on a body! It really is a very comfy overcoat. Nice and warm and comfy. Though I am thinking of taking the wrists out a touch since it can be a chore getting it on and off. Thank you to my friend Ty for taking this photo.
I also am starting my Aphrodite costume for this year's Labyrinth of Jareth. Some other gal pals and I are all going as various Goddesses. I ended up drawing Aphrodite from the hat. And while I've never felt like the Aphrodite type, I have been having a great time figuring out how I want the costume to look. I am going for a Alphonse Mucha style costume. The dress is going to be very simple but the accessories will be very ornate.
So far, I got the head dress done.

The Jeweled band there is recycled from a previous costume when I went as a female version of Bacchus. I wanted the crown to look very Mucha-esque. I don't believe I will go much further than what I got. I think I'm currently walking the fine line between elaborate and tacky.
 I'll be starting the dress hopefully this weekend. Labyrinth is on a couple weeks so I have a limited time. But since the dress is so simple, I think I can pull it off pretty quick.
More progress shots to come!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hair Falls, Hair Clips, and RegencyGowns, Oh MY!

Anime Expo is fast approaching! And my friends and I tend to get a few tables together in the Artist Alley there. We go under the name ZOMGWTF?! Studios....long story behind that name. Its comprised of my other artist pals, Shing Khor, Trishana Prater, and Kythera of Anevern. And trust me when I say our styles and what we sell are VASTLY different between the four of us.
We like to keep people on their toes.
Anyways, every time the four of us get together for an event like this, I use it as an excuse to try my hand at doing something new. Last year I did a bunch of accessories for my Dollfie (...I really should take some photos of those). This year I decided to turn my attention to my interest in belly dancing and make some dancer style hair falls/hair clips. Well, okay that was my original idea. It ended up evolving slightly. As my brain is want to do for most projects I work on.
Take a peek! 

These are the hair falls/clips I originally started making.  A couple of these may turn into matching sets if I get my motivation springing again tonight.

And then I ended up finding these butterflies and kinda fell in love with them. So I made a couple sets of those as well in a similar style.

Did I mention I bought a LOT of butterflies? I ended up veering WAY off course from the hair fall style and ended up making these. I really like how these turned out. I'm considering making a few more simply because they are just fun to make...Need more butterflies though. Maybe some dragon flies if I can find some good ones.

And my one odd guy out here. I was going more for a Retro vintage style clip here. Might make a couple more of these just so I have some options.

And here is the result of the work I did while watching copious amounts of MST3K in my studio. These were a BLAST to make. It put me in a sort of zen state to slam out so many. I'm hoping I can sell a few. They will be available to buy in the Artist Alley during Anime Expo. We are in Row D...Not sure exactly what table number yet but I will let you know! Those that won't sell will be up on my Esty site right afterwards.

And since this is a costuming blog...
Regency progress! Keep in mind this is all just pinned together at the moment. Pins and sheer will are keeping that skirt on my dress form. I'm still tweaking this. As you can see I redid the stomacher. Since I don't have period stays (YET!) to wear under the dress I needed to rethink the stomacher to
 hide a bra. Alas, the stomacher looks great on the form but fits me really weird. So I'm going to have to bring a friend in to take a look at it to see where I'm going wrong. But at least I'm making progress!