Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Middle Eastern Coat and Aphrodite Headdress.

I hit an SCA tourney last weekend all decked out in my middle eastern garb. And it was actually cold enough that I could wear my Persian coat I made for Estrella.

Here it is on a body! It really is a very comfy overcoat. Nice and warm and comfy. Though I am thinking of taking the wrists out a touch since it can be a chore getting it on and off. Thank you to my friend Ty for taking this photo.
I also am starting my Aphrodite costume for this year's Labyrinth of Jareth. Some other gal pals and I are all going as various Goddesses. I ended up drawing Aphrodite from the hat. And while I've never felt like the Aphrodite type, I have been having a great time figuring out how I want the costume to look. I am going for a Alphonse Mucha style costume. The dress is going to be very simple but the accessories will be very ornate.
So far, I got the head dress done.

The Jeweled band there is recycled from a previous costume when I went as a female version of Bacchus. I wanted the crown to look very Mucha-esque. I don't believe I will go much further than what I got. I think I'm currently walking the fine line between elaborate and tacky.
 I'll be starting the dress hopefully this weekend. Labyrinth is on a couple weeks so I have a limited time. But since the dress is so simple, I think I can pull it off pretty quick.
More progress shots to come!

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