Friday, December 5, 2008

Italian Ren Experiment - Part 3 and Bonus

Not too bad for just an experiement. It helped me determine where I need to tweak my pattern. The shoulders are a touch too big for me unfortunately. This creates a weird problem with the detachable sleeves (which I've made, but are in dire need of tweaking).
Overall I'm pleased with the results. But when I do this again with my beloved orange silk I'll be doing some more teaking of the bodice. I also plan to raise the waist line more.
Here are the new buttons. They're far more durable:

And while I was working on this experiment, I felt the need to make other garb. Here's a Linen Tunic Dress I made for random SCA events:

I really love how this came out. I especialy love the color scheme.
Sorry about the blurry pic.

And the trim is nice. I salvaged it off an old piece of garb I made horribly years ago. I'm glad I was able to save the trim.

Next Entry will probably involve my next Italian Ren or Steampunkery.:)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Italian Ren Experiment - Part 2

Okie Doke then!
Made a large amount of progress so far!
I fixed the not enough fabric problem by...well..buying different fabric. I managed to find an interresting Taffeta that is the same green as the old fabric but in a paler shade (and on sale as well. WOO!). I like it better than the original choice. The texture on it as well ads a lot to the bodice as well.

I took away the added stripe of trim on the top. With this new fabric it looked to busy. I like the choice to let the fabric speak for itself and just use the vertical trim lines

Here be the Skirt! The sides have yet to be sewn up. Its not as patchwork looking as I thought it would be with the bodice being a different color which is good. I know I should have pleated the skirt for period reasons but I didn't since I was just experimenting. My Orange Ren will definitely have the pleates.
It look me a couple tries to get the waist right. First it was too long and it looked like an 80's prom dress. I shortened it and it became a Disney pretty princess dress. I ended up hacking off a good inch and a half of the bodice. Now I'm a lot happier with the look.

I put a pannel of the green in the back of the dress too just to keep it all tied together.

The sleeves are in progress so far:

I have them cut out and I plan to make them detachable and reversable (one side green and the other side brown).

So far So good! I just need to finish the following.
-Replace the buttons (I found out the current ones are really crappy)
-Sew up the skirt seams
-Hem the skirt
-Make the chemise

So far this is coming along a lot better than I anticipated.:)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Italian Ren Experiment

First Entry! WOO! Hope this doesn't bore you.

Okie Doke then.
So I've been experimenting with building Italian Renaissance. I figured since my SCA persona is Italian Renaissance, I should dress the part.

I found this most excellent page on construction and such and figured, eh, what the heck.

Its been years...and I mean YEARS since I drafted my own pattern. Usually I buy commercial and tweak. But I figured that since I'm slowly getting more into period construction I should broaden my Horizon. And since this first dress is nothing but an experiment, I don't mind if it comes out a little wonky here and there. Gotta learn somehow, right?

So here's the basic sketch I came up with for the experiment design.

Going with the Green, brown, and gold pallet simply because that's the fabrics I happen to have. Originally I was going to have a brown bodice and then a green skirt. I'm pretty sure the two tone thing is not period (If it is, Let me know! I couldn't find any documentation on the net). The Bodice is longer, more along the lines of this style of garb.

I started the bodice and so far its coming out alright.

Its not a stiff as I'd like it. but I think that is due mostly to the really awful interfacing I used. I'll need something stiffer next time I think.

I am pleased with the side closures. I may change the buttons out depending on if I feel this is wearable outside my bathroom. *L*

And I'm happy with how freakin' pristine I was able to get the trim to look so far. I bought that trim a couple yhears ago for some project I can't even remember now.

That Chemise? Not what I plan to use under this dress though. Going to construct a less bulky one with a non-gathered neckline so it looks more smooth.
My one SNFU I have hit is I do not have enough fabric for the skirt. So I may toss the whole two toned idea out the window and try to find something that matches the bodice more closely. The bodice fabric is much prettier in person. Has a lovely green irridecent sheen to it that the camera doesn't capture. Too bad it was just a random Remnant I picked up a Joann's one day.