Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Italian Ren Experiment

First Entry! WOO! Hope this doesn't bore you.

Okie Doke then.
So I've been experimenting with building Italian Renaissance. I figured since my SCA persona is Italian Renaissance, I should dress the part.

I found this most excellent page on construction and such and figured, eh, what the heck.

Its been years...and I mean YEARS since I drafted my own pattern. Usually I buy commercial and tweak. But I figured that since I'm slowly getting more into period construction I should broaden my Horizon. And since this first dress is nothing but an experiment, I don't mind if it comes out a little wonky here and there. Gotta learn somehow, right?

So here's the basic sketch I came up with for the experiment design.

Going with the Green, brown, and gold pallet simply because that's the fabrics I happen to have. Originally I was going to have a brown bodice and then a green skirt. I'm pretty sure the two tone thing is not period (If it is, Let me know! I couldn't find any documentation on the net). The Bodice is longer, more along the lines of this style of garb.

I started the bodice and so far its coming out alright.

Its not a stiff as I'd like it. but I think that is due mostly to the really awful interfacing I used. I'll need something stiffer next time I think.

I am pleased with the side closures. I may change the buttons out depending on if I feel this is wearable outside my bathroom. *L*

And I'm happy with how freakin' pristine I was able to get the trim to look so far. I bought that trim a couple yhears ago for some project I can't even remember now.

That Chemise? Not what I plan to use under this dress though. Going to construct a less bulky one with a non-gathered neckline so it looks more smooth.
My one SNFU I have hit is I do not have enough fabric for the skirt. So I may toss the whole two toned idea out the window and try to find something that matches the bodice more closely. The bodice fabric is much prettier in person. Has a lovely green irridecent sheen to it that the camera doesn't capture. Too bad it was just a random Remnant I picked up a Joann's one day.


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