Thursday, June 23, 2011

Debbie Reynold's Movie Costume Collection Auction

Once again, the TLo blog blows me away with another awesome costume article. This one on the vast collection of golden age movie costumes of Debbie Reynolds. The collection is BREATH TAKING! Apparently Ms. Reynolds' was wanting to open a museum of movie costumes for her collection but it never came to be....okay that is a bummer, because I would have been first in line to see that museum!
Alas, the auction is over so I wasn't able to spend my bazillion dollars on the My Fair Lady Ascot Grove dress. But the catalog is available to download for free as a  PDF here which I believe is just as nice.

You can also check out T-Lo's blog entry here and see the catalog as well. If you're a movie costume nut as much as I am, its definitely a fun look!

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