Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Steampunk Coat

Started working on the coat!

So I had some time to rework my steampunk coat. I really have no deadline for this project so I've been taking my time. So far I like the little changes/embellishments I've made.
Here's a shot of the coat front.

I cinched in the side seams to make it more fitted. I also distressed the heck out of the fabric so it doesn't read so blocky. The studs I added makes it look less like a coat I sewed some crud on and more like an actual coat.
I debated on losing the cog buttons but I thought they were cute. Yeah there a little cheesy but I kinda like them.

This is my favorite detail so far. I wanted to add a bit of military-esque feel to the coat. Making the lapels asymetrical helped create a insignia on the coat...well that how I feel *L*

The back detail came out of nowhere. I wanted to make the collar stand up but I didn't want to take apart the collar and reconstruct it. So I used some nylon boning and backed the collar with that. I then painted the boning with various metalic acrylics to make them pop. The detail shot is at the top. I'm really happy with this choice.

That's about as far as I got. I'll be switching gears yet again and going back to garb since May Portero War is coming up and some friends as well as the hubby asked for some garb.
Expect more photos soon!:)

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