Monday, January 16, 2012

H.R.M. Steampunk Symposium

We had a great time vending the event and really enjoyed exploring the Queen Mary. What a great place for a steampunk event!

Of course the fun part for me was the dressing up. Colleen, also being a costumer, joined me with the costume fun. He has some great photos of us playing on the Queen Mary in costume that i will be stealing from her in the future.  Here we are dressed in Steampunk Romani  on our first day of vending.On Saturday I even donned the Regina "Reggie" Black costume which I put a few more details on. I'll be hunting some photos down soon.

 I only took a couple goof ball photos of us playing on the sundeck of the Queen Mary. Mainly of us trying to sneak into this locked door.

Most of the weekend was spent vending so I didn't see much of the con, luckily some awesome looking folks headed over to the booth to peek in on our wares.

Not only did this gentleman light up, but his winds were mechanized and moved up and down. Beautiful work!

Aw, I want a spray can full of the powder of Ibn Ghazi too!

These two were my favorites of week. Native American Steampunk. How awesome is that? This couple were extremely sweet too. LOVED their plague maskes especially.


Now that I'm fresh from the con, I'm already plotting to delve more into the costuming world. I especially would like to start on my Victorian walking dress and I am considering putting together a "Great White Hunter" costume for my husband...and a steampunk cowboy costume for him as well...for my own personal reasons..I love the period cowboys.

Hopefully I'll hunt down more photos to put up soon!

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