Saturday, February 21, 2009

Steampunk Sketch

o as I've said, my next project will be my steampunk costume (and probably worked on the same time as garb since I'm kinda of a garb adict).
Anyways, I don't plan on making anything brand new but completely tweaking and revamping my costume from the 2007 Deadlands Halloween party. My character was Dr. Regina "Reggie" Black, mad scientist. It's a costume that has a lot of potential but I never got around to refining it.
Here's the rendering of the 2.0 version as well as a photo of the original costume.

For some more photos of the original costume and my plans, check under the cut.

The guns on the rendering are the ones I plan to pick up on ebay and modify into steampunk guns. I really have some interresting ideas for them that I can hopefully put on paper.

The changes are pretty small. I want to refine the coat, make it more fitted around the waist. I also want to do some destressing on it to give it texture and personality. The fabric is corderoy so it should texture nicely.I'll also be adding the gold braid to the buttons and pockets to make them pop.

I weill need to take in the vest since I've lost weight. I also am cosidering changing the clasps. I sculped them out of sculpty but I think I want something bigger and more metalic. I'm debating on the shirt. While I love the color, I think I might want something more feminine under the vest. The shirt is up for debate.

Unfortunately, those goggles have pretty much bit the dust. I love them but I made them quickly which ment they weren't ment to last long. I"m considering picking up some welding goggles to modify. I still want to keep the gadget-y look to them. The goggles were inspired by the goggles from the movie Sleepy Hollow. I think I'm going to try for a more delicate look as seen here.
But not that exact style. I still plan to keep them on top of the head.

I'm also considering making pants in brown/tan instead of reusing the black ones. I think brown would lend better to the look of the costume. The boots I actually own. They are in black though. But honestly I think it will look fine since I'm going more for a wild west mish mash look as opposed to anything super refined.

I also plan to make a belt for a gun holster and another belt with some test tubes connected to it.

I think this is going to be a long term project. One I plan to work on periodically and come back to over a course of a few months.
And thats all for now, folks!

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