Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Steampunk Progress for Gaslight Gathering

I really need to stop taking photos with my camera phone. But I do it all the time. Mostly because I can't remember where I put my regular camera. Its somewhere in the house. I know THAT much.

The Gaslight Gathering is fast approaching! Its this Friday to be exact. I managed to get my long in overhaul steampunk costume (Regina "Reggie" Black) more or less to a finishing point. So if I venture on over on Friday, I'll have something to wear.



I considered buying welding goggles and rebuilding them all together. But honestly, I have been really happy with how my original goggles looked design wise. They pretty much look exactly like my drawing.  So I went back and fixed up all the broken bits then added on a few new pieces. The clock gears I think gives it more of a mechanised look than before. I still have to go in and clean up some bits but overall, they are done.

Coat and Vest!
  I amped up the distressing on the coat a LOT. I'm still half tempted to go in with some red paint and do a couple quick splatters on it, just to add some more grittiness. I decided to keep the blue shirt from the original since I look better in color. I added the watch chain and finally got the vial belt finished. Though I am considering going in and distressing the belt a bit more. I'm hoping to add a couple more hangy-offy thingys (Technical term. Honest) on the belt and coat just to give it more character. I do have a gun prop as well but I'm on the fence on if I want to use it since I'll need to build a holster for it.
I'll probably be wearing my old black slacks and my black goth-y looking boots to go with it. As much as I love my beautiful brown suede boots that are VERY steampunk, they hurt my knees if I'm in them for too long. Since I'll probably be on my feet all day, its probably best I go for comfort.
So its all the devil in the details from this point. I'll probably be playing around a bit more before I finally wear this sucker. Alas, I never got to my Victorian gown for this event but I DID manage to get some great patterns. It shall be in the works!

Hopefully I can get some photos of me in full costume soon!

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  1. this is really fucking cool, btw.
    i love it!