Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Steampunk Photos!....Sorta

I went all the way to a Steampunk con and forgot to grab my camera.
Rather typical of me really.
So the only two photos I happen to have of the finished Regina Black costume. DRAT IT ALL!
The good news though is Colleen from WyngdLyon Creations and I are planning a photo shoot after May to get some decent shots of our work. I have a costume and she has a ton of beautiful stock to photograph to keep us busy.
Anyways...Here's the photos in all their blurry glory!

Yeah, blurry but not horrific!

It all turned out really well and I got a great response from people while wearing it. I'm hoping by the next go around that I'll finally do the glove I've been wanting to make.  As you can see, I decided to put the gun back into the picture.  I only got one side of it fully painted though so I ended up strapping the thing to my leg so you couldn't see the unfinished side. One thing I'm good at? Hiding the crap. This lead to me building a gun holster in an hour.

Detail shot!

The gun is a Nerf gun. Just the typical one you see modified by most Steampunk costumers. Eh, I like the shape even if I was being unoriginal. So the gun holster came out far better than I imagined it would. Its definitely very close to my original design since I wanted the gun to show. The holster part is actually cardboard with a bit of nylon trim around the top. I spray painted it copper then added the studs to it. It actually is Velcro-ed in the back so I can remove the gun when I wished.  I really didn't want to since it wasn't finished but its always nice to have an option! The cardboard is a bit flimsy so when I rebuild it, I'll probably use craft foam. For a day's use, it wasn't too bad. The chains are plastic and held it to my belt. I tied the rest of it around my thigh with a piece of braided hemp cord I made. Overall it was a lot more sturdy than advertised.
I cannot wait to get better shots of this costume!

On a less blurry photo note. I also got some fantastic photos of me in my dancing garb for the belly dancing performance I participated in at the con on Saturday! I couldn't have asked for a better photo!

We dubbed my hairstyle, sexual chicken... I had some vodka in me by then.

Unfortunately I don't know the photographer. So whoever you are Mr Photographer, thank you for the wonderful picture! If you see this, send me a link to your gallery and I'll post it! I do know that my friend Lilli took this fantastic picture of me and my hubby, Max who was dressed a la Morocco Mole. Thanks for the photo!

By the way, his vest was made by Colleen at WyngdLyon Creations. The link is posted in my links section. You should buy some of her amazing stuff...just sayin'.

Thanks for looking!

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