Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Perambulatory Expedition to the San Diego Zoo.

A.K.A, a bunch of us went to a Steam Powered Giraffe concert in costume at the zoo.
My friend, known as Alastar de Coursyre in my SCA circle, organized a small get together last night at the San Diego Zoo to watch Steam Powered Giraffe do a 40 minute set. They are fantastic performers so I highly recommend checking out their music on their website. Their recordings though pale in comparison to seeing them live!
Anyways, since this was a costumed event, I managed to don my Regina "Reggie" Black costume once again and head on out. Unfortunately since I was coming from work, we didn't have a lot of time to do any posed pictures with the great backdrop the zoo gave us. I also left off my gun belt since I didn't think wearing weaponry (no matter how fake) in a public venue was a good plan. But we managed to snap a few pictures with our small group of steampunkers. I'm really hoping Alastar organizes another get together soon!

Look! Pics! Non Blurry!
Big thanks to my friend Lou who took most of these photos.

Alastar de Coursyre the Temporal Navigator and Reggie Black the Chief Science Officer and Undead Expert on the Air Ship Nevermore. (aka, Time Travel Guy and Zombie Hunter)

 Alastar found these beautiful Nevermore patches on etsy and ordered a few for friends. I attached it to my duster. Unfortunately you can't see the other shoulder but I added two new metals, one being my Mockingjay pin I got as a freebie from ComicCon.

Here's our whole group. we turned a LOT of heads that night. My friend Ace in front is a Bedouin Raider. I love her concept. We'll be working together on the details of her costume soon. Noelle is our cute lady in black next to Ace. I unfortunately can't remember the names of the two people on the left there but they were extremely nice and looked fantastic! On the far right our our elegant ladies, Katrina and Ellyn.

The whole group. My husband is the one squatting with the water bottle. I plan to make his steampunk gear soon. Our other friends, Trid and Christal (on the far left) also tagged along to watch the fun.

On our way out for the night.  You can actually see my boots for a change! Left to Right, Ellyn, Ace, Noelle, Alastar, and me.

Steam Powered Giraffe was kind enough to take a photo with all us wackos in costume. Lou our photographer is kneeling, and Katrina is in the blue skirt. VERY nice guys and a terrific performance!

I'm looking forward to our next Steampunk gathering. I'm hoping that I'll have an actual Victorian dress to wear. I'm also hoping to get my full Regina costume out for fun posed detail shots sometime in the future. We shall see!


  1. Super fun!!!

    I saw a pair of bright orange fabric gloves at the antique store this morning and thought of you...

  2. It was a blast!

    OOOH! Orange gloves! =D