Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Aphrodite costume for Labyrinth of Jareth and other photos.

Labyrinth Ball 2011! 
And it was a total BLAST!  
As usual. I really shouldn't act surprised that I had fun. I always do. I attended this year with a handful of gal pals all dressed as various Greek Goddesses. And my friend I call Capt'n was our steampunk "Mortal Escort" for the night. Alas, I lack photos of him at the moment. But I plan to hunt some down soon!
I made something extremely simple this year. I figured that since I was under the gun making stock to sell at Anime Expo (which fell on the same weekend) I just wanted to work on a costume that wouldn't stress me out, be comfy, and easy to get into.  
I found myself some pretty and VERY shiny fabric to make a Chiton out of. I'm pretty sure it was old Christmas fabric. But overall it worked well and sparkled like crazy.  I was going to make a more elaborate belt but I just didn't have the time. So instead I made a pretty gold sash out of some leftover fabric from a long forgotten project. 
Lately, Labyrinth Ball has been a rush job. So hopefully next year I can put more time to it.
Anyways, here are some photos!
 Here is me and my gorgeous friend, Tabitha in a stunning blue gown. I kind of look like a hobo standing next to her. The detail on her dress was stunning.

 My Fellow Goddesses! Left to right: Gaia (Jennifer), Aphrodite (me), Artemis (Natasha), and Persephone (Lacy).

 Brianna Garcia is an old friend of Jen and mine from our days in the Gargoyles fandom. It was awesome to run into her! Her female hatter costume was amazing!

And here are a few costumes I absolutely ADORED!

 The Slender Man. Scariest urban legend EVER.

 Light Up Fairy Wings!

 I called him "Fancy Man". I loved his wig.

 Beautiful green lady and amazing creatures!

 Mad Eye Moody!!!

 My two favorites of the night. The king of the sea and an amazing Victorian Voodoo lady.

 My friend Shing and her boyfriend Jason as a bird cage lady and her male accessory.

I love dio de los muertos so I HAD to take a picture of her. The makeup? STUNNING.

I already sketched out my plotting for next year so hopefully my next post will be all about my Fae Catcher prairie lady and some prelim stuff for her. I am stoked to start it and really put tons of detail into it. And since I have no major projects lined up costume wise for a while, I plan to really

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  1. Haha, how cool. I'm glad you dug my Slenderman costume.