Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick Post on the Dio de Los Muertos Dress!

So far so good!
I can honestly say I fill out the dress far better than the dress form does. Regardless, here it is so far! I just have some hand sewing to finish and belt loops to add. I'm also thinking of taking the hem up about two inches or so to get it to a more flattering length on me.
It still is a titch wonky here and there, but I should be able to fix up the final bits.

My friend Ty was kind enough to loan me one of her fabulous witch hats to play with. I love the sparkly spiderwebs on it. I'm going to had a temporary hat band to it all just to dress it out a bit more.

And, just because I couldn't resist, I picked up these beauties on etsy to finish off the look.

So excited for Halloween!!!

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