Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Regina Black photos!

Of course I find these three months AFTER Steampunk Symposium.  Here I am in my Regina "Reggie" Black costume on the Queen Mary. These are some great pics of my vest and gun holster, which I was lacking. My gun..well it still needs to be finished.
I'm a slacker.

The photos were taken by Richard Lowe Jr., a very sweet gentleman who managed to not take a goofy photo of me. Thank you very much Richard! You can find his website at
Definitely check out his work when you can. He takes lovely photos of Ren. Faires and tribal belly dancers. If he stops you for a photo, he'll definitely make you look good. Hell, he managed to keep me from looking like a total doof. You know how hard that is?

 He also caught me sketching in the vendor's hall later that day. Thank you AGAIN Richard for the great shot of my goggles!

I'll be updating here very soon. Gaslight Gathering and Labyrinth Ball is fast approaching and I have lots to get working on!
Stay tuned!

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