Monday, May 7, 2012

Gaslight Gathering Dancewear!

I'm Back! And sewing like the wind!
Gaslight Gathering is approaching and the Calafian Middle Eastern Guild has been asked to provide ambient entertainment again. Needless to say, I am STOKED!  Finally the three of us dancers decided to put something together... at the last possible minute of course. Well in my defense I DID buy the fabric weeks ago.

We're all going for a basic ghawazee and flowing pants look. I went with a very rusty color pallet to fit in with the whole steampunk feel. Here's my basic design sketch for what I'm trying to do:

Rust orange for the ghawazee,  beige for the chemise, and orange for the pants. You can't tell in this photo, but the fabric for the pants have some gold sparkle in it. I used a basic ghawazee pattern and lengthen it to a little above the ankle. You can't tell in the photos, but the side and back seams are split up to the hip for movement.

Work in progress!

Found some nice frogs at Yardage Town for 1.50 a piece. So much nicer that the $6 a piece Joann's was asking for.

Here's where I stand so far with it. Its pinned a bit halfassed to the dress form in this pic. I was tired last night.  Yes, I am using that bra YET again. I took many a finger wound for that bra so I am getting my fill out of it! I'm considering taking the hem up of the ghawazee a few more inches. Not sure if I'm happy with where its laying.

A quick detail shot of the patterns.  I was at first afraid to use so many prints but since they are both small and subtle I went for it.  I've been on this weird "I NEED TO WEAR PRINTS" kick lately.

And that's where I am about now. I should hopefully have this all done by tomorrow if the fates allow. I also am in the middle of making a cowboy duster for my friend, and another ghawazee for a fellow dancer. Needless to say my plate is full!
Stay tuned for pictures of the finished product!


  1. Fabulous drawing! I am making a ghawazee and I am honing in on arm flounce patterns, that is how I wandered in. Your fabric choices are wonderful! How inspiring!

  2. Thanks so much!
    I'm not %100 satified with how the sleeves on my chamise turned out. I think I may futz with it some more next time and narrow it down a bit.
    Thanks again for checking out my blog!:)