Saturday, May 19, 2012

Steam Punk Dance Costume Photos.

I finally found a good pic of my Dance costume for Gaslight Gathering! In usual fashion, I was too busy running around like a crazy person to haul out my camera...such is my absent minded way. But I did get this one great photo of me!

Photo taken by Mr. Muggles, He always makes me look good!

In reference, here's the original sketch again: 
Not too shabby! In retrospect, I think I'm going to change the shape of the sleeves of my chemise. They seem a bit too wide in photos. But they moved really well on the dance floor. Still, I may narrow out the sleeves and keep the flair at the elbow only.  The ensemble was extremely comfortable for a full day's wear. I was a bit worried since both the ghawee and chemise were mostly polyester. But it breathed great!

Here's me in action... Ignore my dancing concentration face. I need to work on that.

Photo by Jerry Abuan.

As with most of my steampunk stuff, I'll be doing little tweaks here and there when I need to wear it. But overall I feel this was a success.

The entire crew. Photo by Jerry Abuan.

My next venture into costuming will be at Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball. My friend Jen and I will be heading out as Steampunk style saloon girls. Progress shots soon to come!... Now that I have all the materials finally that is. Also, all my patterns are FINALLY bought to start my Victorian Walking dress. Better late than never I say!
Also, I'll be donning my 12th Night dress soon as I head to Caid Coronation in June. Hopefully I'll remember to get some decent photos of it. Cheers until then!

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