Monday, June 4, 2012

12th Night Dress 2.0.

Caid Coronation! WOOO!
I was asked to be on royal court this time around. I'm pretty stoked for the job and this Saturday I was sworn in. So of course this meant, time to haul out the court garb!  I just got back from Potrero War so the idea of me trying to whip up something new was laughable really. (Trust me. I only pretend to be that fast.) Since I only wore my 12th Night gown once before, I figured now would be a good time to haul it out, spruce it up, and wear it again.
I even got some decent pictures! Check it!

Sans Jazz Hands.

I tweaked the dress a bit here and there, did some minor repairs, then added the gold baubles to the sleeve ties to make it look more finished. Really, the only major thing I did to the dress was add the pearls to the trim, which instantly dressed up the entire outfit. Here's a detail shot:

I love sewing little doodads to garb. Its an addiction, really. I may add some more beads to the trim later on. It depends on how obsessive I get before the next time I wear this dress.

Here's a few more photos of the day:
 Its gettin' all Disney Princess up in here!

Lady Sabyna of Aydon (aka, Ace) and Lady Giovanna Ricci (aka, me) 

Me with The Honorable Lady Reina MacCormick aka, sexy Ty.

It was my first coronation, and even though I was sweating like a teamster due to the climate, I had a fantastic time!

And speaking of beading. I also beaded the heck out of my last 12th Night dress. I totally forgot I had photos of it!

I beaded this and wore it for Calafia Anniversary last year. I've been wanting to punch up the original beading on this. I think I managed to pull it off decently.

Next up, Labyrinth Ball! I'm starting my costume for that tonight so Progress photos to come very soon!
Cheers All!

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